Poultry Farming Jobs – Apply Now

There are multiple jobs available in poultry farms in in Australia. Agricultural business is very lucrative and highly rewarding in Australia. Therefore, we are looking for workers who are committed, honest and hardworking from any part of the world.

The interested individuals who are ready to relocate to Australia are needed for the up growing in the poultry farming business.

Some of the jobs available are:

  1. Assistant Poultry Hand: – They are to care for poultry; maintaining a sanitized environment; ability to operate machinery and equipment, and controlling pests.
  2. Poultry Hand: – They are to be involved in a wide-ranging tasks which may include handling and identifying chickens; hatchery maintenance; operating machinery. They will work under supervision
  3. Senior Poultry Hand: – They are to involve in co-ordination of a wide range of poultry production operations that include supervisory duties
  4. Leading Hand: – They are to do a number of works ranging from poultry production activities, staff supervisions, staff training, budgeting and stock control, etc.
  5. Poultry Production Manager: – They are to be responsible for managing poultry production activities.
  6. Poultry Business Manager: – They are responsible for ensuring that the poultry production enterprise is successfully managed.

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