Suraj Singh Gill Family Trust is a well-known blueberry and blackberries farm located in Coffs Harbour, Australia. We have in farming business for decades with continuous growth in the quality and quantity of our produce and products. We are looking for full-time/permanent Agricultural technicians who will be performed the following duties:

  • Implement, monitor and maintain fertilizer and irrigation programs;
  • Carry out checks on general health of plants on a regular basis throughout the year and seasons;
  • Inspect plants to gauge the effectiveness of feed formulae and remedy deficiencies;
  • Identify pathogenic micro-organisms and insects, parasites, fungi and weeds harmful to crops, and assist in implementing an integrated pest management program;
  • Implement strict quarantine programs and daily routines relating to blueberries and blackberries crops in light of bio-security measures implemented in the immediate region;
  • Implement strict cropping routines that allow produce to meet or exceed quality specifications;
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of relevant control strategies for cost reduction, quality improvements, waste minimisation and the successful operation of the farm;
  • Implement new and improved methods of planting, fertilising, harvesting, processing and transporting crops to achieve optimum land usage;
  • Meet Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with regards to production targets, quality assurance and on farm efficiencies

Essential skills required:

  • Experience in living in rural, agricultural regions and/or remote locations for lengthy periods of time, is vital
  • Considerable technical skills, experience, and knowledge in the area of farming operations, in particular quality control, research , analysis and implementation of ‘Best Practice’ farming methods
  • Enthusiastic, responsible and hardworking
  • Be passionate about the industry and be always looking for ways to improve efficiencies

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